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Connect safely and securely with patients at home using our N3 based Virtual Clinic service

The technology behind our collaboration platform has repeatedly proven itself within the NHS as an effective method of delivering secure video communications between hospital staff, patients and other potential service users.

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Virtual Clinic powered by harnesses the technology already utilised and enables clinicians to schedule secure and confidential video consultations with their patients using our online booking portal, which is designed to make booking a Virtual Clinic appointment as easy as possible for both clinician and patient.

In a few simple steps, the user can create a single-use, secure video meeting environment for the clinician and the patient, using technology approved for use by the NHS that conforms to NHS information governance (IG) standards.

How it works

Virtual Clinic sits within the NHS N3 network, meaning every Virtual Clinic is completely secure, whether it is a video conference between two people within the NHS network, or users outside of the network at home using the Internet or even 4G data users.

Connect using any device, using the app or via a web browser, for audio and video conferencing that is always on and always reliable, backed by a UK based support team with the option of 24/7 support available.

Benefits of using Virtual Clinic

Reduce Number of ‘Did Not Attends’
Secure enough to share patient data
Out of hours appointments
Sits securely within the N3 network
Patients can avoid long journeys to appointments
Flexible billing that you decide by minute, month or annual

Get a Virtual Clinic for the price of a cup of coffee

We want to build meaningful partnerships with NHS Trusts and in order to do this, we need to meet you halfway. So, how about paying the price of a cup of coffee?

If a Trust replaces a face-to-face appointment with a video appointment 4-5 times a week for a year, each consultation will cost as little as a cup of coffee.

Not only are Virtual Clinics cost-effective, they help Trusts’ deliver patient-centric care whilst increasing efficiencies.

37% of appointments in the brain metastases clinic were held via Virtual Clinic and 95% of patients involved in the pilot have said they would like to continue seeing their clinician via Virtual Clinic

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

The clinician was sceptical of usefulness of virtual assessment, but is now converted to the concept, having seen the benefits of reducing unnecessary patient travel whilst simultaneously being reassured that the consultation process felt as complete as face-to-face appointments.

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

The feedback from patients has been unanimously positive, with them citing that they found the time they saved from avoiding travelling, and the prevention of disruption as the main benefits from using the Virtual Clinic platform.

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

One elderly patient is the main carer for his wife, and he would usually attend his appointments via hospital transport which was a 6 hour round trip. After his video appointment, he told us that using Virtual Clinic had allowed him to continue caring for his wife whilst receiving expert care.

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

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