Virtual Clinic

Connect safely and securely with patients anywhere using our HSCN/N3 based Virtual Medical Clinic service

  • Virtual Clinic offers a robust and reliable way for doctors, clinicians & GP’s to connect to patients via secure video link
  • Patients and health professionals can connect from any device or location
Virtual Clinic - Doctor on iPad
iMac - Virtual Clinics

Virtual Clinic is powered by, delivering all of the user experience and security benefits that provides, with the added security of each consultation ID being unique for that patient event which is then permanently removed once the consultation ends. The process from booking a Virtual appointment, to connecting is intuitive and extremely user friendly, a virtual medical clinic.

Our dedicated Account Manager & UK based service delivery management teams ensure customer experience is at the heart of what we do. Furthermore, our in-house team of relationship managers ensure usage & adoption is top of the agenda within your organisation.

Reach more patients

Whilst improving patient
experience and outcomes

Booking portal

Manage patient flow with
an easy to use online portal


Simple ‘3
click to connect’