Trust to trust collaboration

It’s important that trusts within the NHS can collaborate easily and effectively, to offer their patients the best possible care. For example, if a consultant has a patient with an uncommon problem, the consultant may want to discuss the diagnosis and treatment with a specialist from another trust to ensure the patient receives the correct care.

Many NHS trusts are now rolling out Skype for Business as part of the NHS Mail 2 Scheme, which allows NHS workers to collaborate using instant message, audio calls, video conferencing and document sharing. However, due to privacy and network settings within the NHS IT network, Skype for Business users struggle to video conference with colleagues in partner trusts. is the only video conferencing platform that’s hosted on the NHS network, which also works with Skype for Business, allowing trust to trust collaboration with maximum security.

trust to trust collaboration
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Key Features
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Fully Skype for Business integrated – call a Skype for Business user in another trust using your account
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Sits on the N3 network whilst also having the ability to connect into HSCN via the Transition Network
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24/7 support available – 8am to 5pm comes as standard
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Multi-device connectivity – can video conference from a phone or laptop to an MDT room in another trust
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Share patient data over the secure N3 network
Key Benefits
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Reduce time spent travelling to meetings with other trusts
Improve patient care
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Speed up the diagnosis and referral process
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Improve relationships with colleagues in partner trusts
Reduce stress on the patient by removing the need for them to travel for consultations with specialists in other trusts