is the #1 meeting platform for security and reliability in healthcare

  • supports our Virtual Clinic service to patients in their own homes
  • Most experienced provider of MDTs in the UK, connecting over 70 MDTs
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Information Security and protection of data is a topic which has been in the forefront of most Chief Technical Officers and IT Directors minds for some time. However, with greater visibility and action from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the threat of enforcement, prosecution and fines is ever-increasing and the need to be vigilant about all types of data security exists.

How secure is your video call?

When you join a video call to discuss a patient case, or refer information, you may take for granted that the only people listening to you and accessing your information are your colleagues on the other end of the call. But, are you certain?

With, you can be certain. We have developed with security and reliability at the top of the agenda, and we have the accrediations to prove that is the #1 meeting platform for security and reliability in healthcare.

  • HSCN compliant, ensuring healthcare information stays within the security of its own network, utilising the security of the supplier’s platform but also with the added security of the HSCN network itself.
  • ISO 27001. This standard is internationally recognised and provides assurance that we full control over the security and access of our platform.
  • Cyber Essentials plus. This standard is provided by the National Cyber Security Centre in the UK, and is monitored by an accredited body that ensures the platform meets a set of criteria to remove risks of attacks.
  • We exceeded standards on the NHS Data and Security Toolkit, which provides the National Health Service with absolute confidence we are handling NHS data with the highest level of security.
  • ISO 20000, is the international IT service management (ITSM) standard that enables us to ensure that our ITSM processes are aligned with international best practice.
  • ISO 9001. This standard provides guidance and tools, which ensures our services consistently meet the customer’s requirements, and that quality is consistently improved.

Involve, are an experienced UK communications specialist who have been providing businesses with secure communication platforms for 30 years. They used their expertise, gained creating and supporting the Justice Video System, a large network with 220 courts and 80 prisons all connected to each other via secure video link, to create, the most secure video platform available for the healthcare industry.

Involve use UK based data centres, and UK based Security Cleared support staff. We are 100% committed to keeping your call and your data safe.