In sensitive and time-critical situations, often seen in Radiology Departments, the urgency to consult with clinical colleagues in real-time is paramount.

By using the service, the teams in the radiology department can support clinical colleagues to help them review a case, consult and ultimately diagnose the patient. These meetings between radiologists and other specialists can be held over video to provide the diagnosis as efficiently as possible, to ensure the patient is receiving the best possible care.

The team behind has over ten years’ experience working within healthcare and the NHS, which includes MDT rooms used for complex cases.

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Key Features
N3 network icon
Secure N3 hosted platform – video conference other trusts with maximum security
icon camera video endpoint
Use on legacy video conferencing estates
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Multi-device connectivity – can video conference from a phone or laptop to an MDT room in another department or trust
Escalate the call to additional participants if another opinion is needed
icon patient data
Share patient data over secure network
Key Benefits
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Improve patient care by being able to instantly collaborate with specialists around the world
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Improve colleague relationships as video conferencing is more personal than emails
Reduces the need to travel when a meeting needs to be held
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Reassures patients they’re receiving the best possible care, as experts can be contacted whenever needed
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Helps radiology departments make the right care decisions if they can quickly gain second opinions