Pre Operation

In pre-operation setting, conversations with the surgeon about the upcoming procedure are crucial in reassuring the patient, and ensuring that the surgery goes smoothly and as expected.

By enabling the surgeon to talk to the patient via video from the comfort of the patient’s home, and with the resources of the surgeon’s office on hand to show patient data in real time, the surgeon can help explain the procedure to the patient and answer any questions, or calm any worries the patient may have.

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Key Features
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Secure N3 hosted platform- patients will still be completely secure when video conferencing from home
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Video call using any device
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Virtual Appointments can be scheduled through the simple online booking portal
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Share patient data over the secure network
Key Benefits
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Reduces the amount of stress for the patient as they are in their own home
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Frees up time for the surgeon
The patient doesn’t have to travel for the appointment
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Reduce the amount missed, cancelled and rescheduled appointments