Most, if not all, NHS Trusts deal with resourcing issues on a frequent basis. Not only are teams having to deal with a current patient load, but expertise is often requested at other hospital sites.

Adding to the challenges of the patient load is the geographically dispersed area of patients which need frequent interaction with the consultants. These visits can be time-consuming for both doctor and patient and so video conferencing application can be critical.
Simplicity of use, coupled with the face-to-face familiarity of a doctor/patient consultation means that video conferencing is a reliable and trusted method of outpatient consultation.

Consultations over video with outpatients means that staff can quickly visualise data using content-sharing function, and also notice patient-critical symptoms which a telephone conversation would miss, helping the team to react rapidly to a deteriorating patient, thus reducing further complication.

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Key Features
icon patient data
Share patient data through the content sharing function
call icon
Escalate the call to additional participants if another opinion is needed
resilience icon
Secure N3 hosted platform- patients will still be completely secure when video conferencing from home
medio app icon
Web browser access (no software download) or access through the app
collaboration icon
Collaborate securely between hospitals, when expertise is needed from another hospital
multi device icon
Video call using any device
Key Benefits
Reduce time wasted travelling to-and-from consultation
icon virtual clinic
Increase observational effectiveness of remote consultations
tick icon
Support your trust’s digital strategy
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Reduce the amount of stress an appointment can cause for the patient
booking icon
Reduce the amount missed, cancelled and rescheduled outpatient appointments
time icon
Free up time and resources that would have been spent on in-person appointments
Easily get opinions of specialists from other hospitals to improve the care for the patient
icon diagnosis
Speed up diagnosis and referral process