Mental Health

How is being used within Mental Health at the moment?

A patient needs to attend a tribunal hearing in court. This would typically cost in excess of £3000 as a team of 6 people would have to transport the patient to the law courts. This process creates stress, risk and strain on staffing resource for a hearing that often lasts less than ½ an hour.

The solution:

Instead of having to attend the tribunal in person, the patient can attend the hearing over video conferencing using the platform. This will be done over an ISDN based connection. This will not only reduce the physical resourcing burden, but reduces patient welfare risk at a vastly reduced cost.

During a typical mental health consultation, a private therapist would have been booked weeks in advance and would have to have had their expenses, such as travel, food and accommodation paid for, on top of their consultation charges.

The solution:

A consultation with a therapist based anywhere in the world can be conducted over using a web browser internet connection. The approach means that the therapist is only required for the duration of the consultation, reducing expenditure and freeing up their time to conduct additional appointments. This route allows the consultation to be held with a specialist in another country, not just a local therapist; therefore improving patient care.

Whenever a secure unit within Northern Ireland would need a patient assessing, a consultant physicist would have to travel up from London, resulting in extra expenditure for the unit to cover the travel costs.

The solution:

By implementing IP based video conferencing into the secure unit, the patient can be assessed over video link. By remotely assessing the patient, the need to travel and the associated expense is removed.

A patient who suffers from anxiety needs to have an appointment with a specialist in a hospital which is a long journey away from the patient’s home, however the patient regularly struggles to leave the house due to their anxiety.

The solution:

The appointment can now be held via secure video link using Virtual Clinic, so the patient can remain in the comfort of their own home. The appointment can be even more effective over video than face to face, due to the patient feeling less anxious as they’ve avoided the stress of the long journey to hospital.

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Key Features
N3 network icon
Secure N3 hosted platform- patients will be secure when video conferencing from home
multi device icon
Video call using any device
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Web browser access (no software download) or access through the app
icon patient data
Share patient data through the content sharing function
Key Benefits
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Reduce the amount missed, cancelled and rescheduled appointments
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Treatment may be more effective when the patient is in the comfort of their own home
Reduce time wasted travelling to-and-from consultation
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Free up time and resources that would have been spent on in-person appointments
Reduce the amount of stress an appointment can cause for the patient
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Support your trust’s digital strategy