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Any device, anytime, anywhere is a convenient, scalable, secure collaboration solution, bringing together health colleagues no matter how dispersed they are within the NHS and beyond.

Join any user, using any device, with dedicated and secure named user accounts. sits inside of the NHS N3 network, meaning every single Virtual Meeting Room by medio is completely secure, whether it is a video conference between two people within the NHS network, or medio users outside of the network at home on their own internet.

The platform fully integrates with Skype for Business which is rolling out as part of the “NHS Mail 2” hosted by Microsoft Office365, allowing Skype for Business users to join a medio cloud room with full functionality.

Take advantage of our always on, always reliable service- every medio cloud room user has access to our UK based support team, with the option of 24/7 support available.

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Video endpoint registration

video endpoint registration

N3 secured, globally accessible device registration

In an NHS environment where there is often a mix of video conferencing endpoints and devices, coupled into ageing video infrastructure to allow it to make and receive calls, the Video Endpoint Registration Service (VERS) by medio removes the need for on-premise video infrastructure and it’s associated limitations, and provides an N3 secured, globally accessible device registration, which will simplify the process of 3rd party video endpoints, and colleagues at other NHS trusts (and beyond) from successfully placing a video call into your estate.

Registering your video endpoint with VERS is easy. Following our simple implementation guide will have your video estate connected and registered into our N3 hosted VERS; not only increasing the capacity of multiway calling, but also allowing multiple devices on various technologies (Jabber/Skype For Business / WebRTC) to connect into your video call.

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Gateway as a Service
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Connecting 3rd party devices into Skype for Business video meetings

As NHS Trusts continue to roll out Skype For Business as part of the NHS Mail2 program, many departments are finding themselves increasingly unable to connect their legacy video endpoints into Skype for Business meetings.

The Gateway-as-a-Service, utilising the medio technology solves this increasingly prevalent issue by enabling both the Skype For Business user and the video conferencing user to retain their native meeting experience, whilst still meeting via video.

Collaborators can also connect directly point-to-point from one technology to the other, without having to schedule a meeting. As the meeting experience is retained across technologies, users will not need to learn something new, or worry about how to connect into the meeting.

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