As the strain on NHS maternity services grows and continues to cause bottle necks in consistent postnatal care, video conferencing technology is plugging the gap.

Using the technology, midwives and consultants can follow up on a higher volume of pre and post-natal appointments by connecting from the hospital site to the patient’s iPhone/iPad/Laptop, giving the face-to-face care necessary to identify visual cues, and the familiarity of the designtated care-giver.

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Key Features
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Midwives, consultants and patients can join the video call from any device
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Secure N3 hosted platform – the video conference is still completely secure when patients are at home
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Escalate the call to additional participants if another opinion is needed
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Share patient data over the secure network
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Patients can book the appointment through our Virtual Clinic booking portal

Key Benefits
Reduce stress on the patient by removing the need to travel
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Increase observational effectiveness of remote consultations
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Reduce pressures on the NHS maternity services by freeing time and resources
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Reduce the amount of missed, cancelled and rescheduled consultations
Giving patients the choice between in-person and remote consultations helps give a positive patient experience