Legacy Video Conferencing vs the Cloud

By 4 September 2018 September 4th, 2020 No Comments

You have a legacy / traditional video conferencing platform, this platform is potentially no longer supported or upgradable, or it’s potentially supported with costly yearly support contracts, but it doesn’t give you the features you require?

medio.link removes these pains and provides you with the platform that works for you.


You shop around for a platform with new features in mind… you want the capabilities you currently have, which is communicating with your already deployed systems and similar systems out there in the big wide world but you now want to expand. You don’t want to be limited with only “Standards Based” systems, you want to have guests joining from anywhere: you require interop with Skype For Business and you want users to join from a laptop or audio if they’re running late.

With this objective in mind you look at what’s available, a solution ticks a lot of boxes, but you quickly find it needs an interop platform to pick up the missing pieces, and then you have the worry that you potentially need to buy two separate platforms, amounting to higher costs, more training and greater complexity to maintain. You may possibly find a product that does deliver end-to-end, but again you have the concern of costs, licences, management etc.

So, what do you do? Do you take on this mammoth task of deciding which way to go and raising a case to justify this amount of spend/investment or do you look for a service without the headache?

medio.link is that service. Why take on the burden and cost of doing this yourself, when this cloud service ticks all the boxes of features you require, it saves you the need to replace all the video endpoints you currently have, it removes the expense of support contracts, associated licences, training and hosting costs.



medio.link allows users to communicate from any device, anywhere in the world, whether that be a traditional video conferencing room within the N3 network, users on a laptop or mobile device at home with any or no video system of their own. The service allows Skype for Business to talk to “Standards Based”, it allows guests to join via a web browser and users on audio only via a telephone to communicate 1-1, or multiple systems in a single cloud room.

To find out more about refreshing your legacy video conferencing estate, please get in touch.