How to create a virtual clinic appointment in 4 steps

By 1 November 2017 September 4th, 2020 No Comments is a platform which allows healthcare professionals collaborate through secure video conferencing on any device. The technology has now been utilised to allow NHS trusts to hold virtual clinics with their patients, with the advantage of using the N3 secured network, coupled with’s appointment booking portal and unique meeting ID’s, ensuring patient privacy and data protection as a meeting room can never be used twice.

This market-leading innovation can revolutionise aspects of the NHS by increasing patient’s access to doctors, especially those of certain specialities, greatly reducing unnecessary patient travel, and free up resources in hospitals for other patients.

A virtual clinic appointment can be made for a consultant and patient through in 4 simple steps:

Login to the online portal, via your web browser or the mobile app

Fill out the quick form to book the appointment

See the booked appointment under ‘My appointments’. Here virtual clinic appointments can be viewed and managed

At the time of the appointment, the patient simply clicks on the link received in their text message/email and can chose to either join the session directly from their smart-phone/tablet, or chose to join from a web browser from their laptop/pc/mac

The clinician will then join the virtual session, be able to see and hear the patient, whilst also being able to share important documents, such as x-ray results, patient notes and anything else of interest, without actually sending a copy of the document to the patient. Should the patient then need referring onwards to a specialist, the clinician has the ability to either schedule a follow up appointment, or directly transfer the patient onto the referred specialist. Once the call has ended the link will expire and can’t be accessed again.­­

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