We are passionate about the long term success of the NHS and likewise we are proud of medio.link, a dedicated call, conferencing and collaboration platform for NHS and Health users, with native N3 access.

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Babylon Health used medio.link for it’s most recent global webinar:

In addition to the Call, Conferencing & Collaboration capabilities, we have also developed a Virtual Clinic service. This service provides a unique scheduling portal for each clinical specialist, with bespoke apps for all of the most commonly used platforms and a best in class video calling “engine”, to allow clinicians to securely hold remote consultations with their patients via video.


The service is listed on G-Cloud 10, simply search Medio in the Digital Marketplace.

Why do we believe in this service?


1. It ticks all of the boxes in the recently published article by Royal College of GP’s:

2. Our service empowers NHS organisations:

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We want to build meaningful partnerships with NHS trusts and in order to do this, we need to meet you halfway.

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£2.50 per video-based consultation (all inclusive)

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We can deliver your entire digital strategy with our extensive portfolio of telehealth solutions

Involve are a leading UK expert in audio visual design and collaboration solutions who are passionate about communication and empowering people to connect simply but effectively. They’ve coupled this passion, with extensive experience working within healthcare and the NHS to create medio.link.

The team behind medio.link has over ten years’ experience working within healthcare and the NHS, which includes MDT rooms, virtual clinics and a telemedicine service that successfully delivers over 40,000 virtual calls per annum, between a Digital Nursing Hub and more than 600 nursing and residential homes across the UK.

Working closely with NHS trusts to provide a secure video conferencing solution, allows collaboration between primary care, hospitals and trusts. Our proven track record working within healthcare sets medio.link up to be the secure choice when looking for virtual clinics, online consultation systems, video conferencing and video interpretation within the NHS and beyond.