Clinician to patient

Using can revolutionise consultations between clinicians and patients. By using secure video conferencing, clinicians can conduct consultations, diagnose their patient, deliver results, refer their patient, or deliver a treatment plan remotely over video. This is especially useful for patients who require a specialist who may be far away or extremely busy, or in the case of people who find visiting hospital difficult or stressful, such as the elderly, mental health patients, incarcerated patients or people in rural areas.

Virtual Clinic by provides a platform for patients to easily book appointments with their preferred clinician. Through the online portal, patients can book and manage their appointments, and when it’s time for the appointment, both the patient and clinician will receive a one-time link to their secure cloud room, where the clinician will conduct the consultation.

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Key Features
N3 network icon
Completely secure N3 hosted platform
room additional participant icon
Escalate the call to additional participants – get an extra opinion from another clinician
time icon
24/7 support available – 8am to 5pm comes as standard
skype icon
Fully Skype for Business integrated – If either the clinician or patient already use Skype for Business, they can still be called using a account
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Use any device: video end point, tablet, desktop, laptop or mobile
Key Benefits
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The ability to collaborate and build good working relationships with other trusts, no matter what devices they use
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Allow patients to stay in their own home for consultants, reducing patient stress
icon video endpoint can be immediately introduced to your digital strategy using your current endpoints and devices
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Produces cost savings
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Minimal training needed if users are using on their current devices