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The clinician has been able to monitor H’s progress with his cochlear implants and offer advice as effectively as face-to-face visits, saving travel time and costs for both the clinician and the family. But the biggest gains have been in H’s increased independence, use of effective communication strategies and ability to make video calls with family and friends.

Jayne Ramirez Inscoe, Speech and Language Therapy LeadNottingham Auditory Implant Programme

61 Virtual Clinic Accounts have been deployed across 29 departments, offering video consultations to outpatients in a variety of use cases. As the use of the service develops, we want to offer every clinician in the hospital their own Virtual Clinic, to continue improving patient care by using digital solutions. This is the start of a journey for Leeds Teaching Hospitals!

Rob Child, Programme Head of Digital Health ProgrammesLeeds Teaching Hospitals Trust

The feedback from patients has been unanimously positive, with them citing that they found the time they saved form avoiding travelling, and the prevention of disruption as the main benefits from using the Virtual Clinic platform. 95% of patients involved in the pilot have said they would like to continue seeing their clinician via Virtual Clinic.

Micheal O'Cathail, Clinical Oncology Specialist RegistrarNottingham University Hospitals Trust & Macmillan Cancer Support

medio.link gives participants the option of joining with just audio or with both audio and video and so far, we’ve had a video conference which was easily accessed by international members in 10 different countries. Taking into account the positive feedback and eagerness to continue use, we’re planning to expand the service, so all of our staff have their own virtual meeting room, to encourage organisation-wide adoption.

Ademola Thompson, Head of IT Service ManagementRoyal College of General Practitioners
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23 June 2020

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10 April 2019

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